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OG PUBLISHING Ltd is a small business created by Adam Smart.  The initial concept of Officer George came from  a passion to promote the development of a safe and approachable relationship between the Police and the general public, particularly the younger generations. 

Throughout Adam's career, he has witnessed parents influencing their children's view of the police. This is often carried out unknowingly and in a jovial manner, however the effects are potentially long lasting and may impact future interactions between young people and officers.  The police are sometimes used by parents as a gentle threat at bedtime, or when children are being perceived as naughty. However, this  lighthearted teasing, may have a detrimental impact on young people if and when they require the help and support of the police force.  With that in mind, Officer George has been written in a fun and memorable way to help re-establish a positive association between young children and the police, portraying them as friendly and approachable.


Adam Smart

Born and bred in Bristol (cue The Wurzels​, tractor jokes and all things Banksy), I was raised with my four brothers and sisters. We lived in a crazy household, filled with laughter, jokes and teasing, run seamlessly by my police officer father and my hardworking mum.


Despite some initial questionable university choices, marine archaeology, I completed a degree in music design, for film and television which I remain passionate about.

 I have always admired my father's profession and from a young age considered a career within the force, after successfully securing a job with the Metropolitan Police I began my rewarding career serving local communities.  


My wife is a nurse and we have a wonderful young family, five chickens and a number of spiders living in our home, in a small rural village on the outskirts of Bristol. My love of reading to our daughter, coupled with a number of toddler induced sleepless nights inspired the seedlings of an idea...Officer George.  


I hope you enjoy and look forward to the special time huddled around in PJs reading our story with the small people in your life.

Thanks. Adam

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